Signage installation guide

actif signage application run on windows 10.
Mininum RAM requirement is 2GB
Free harddisk about 2GB
This application need internet to be on for data synchronization. (Every 5 minutes)

Download this setup file

After installation has finished, run:
1. Run Vampserver 2.0
2. Run Visual C Redist
3. Run Softnet Signage Setup

Softnet Signage Setup

1. select Main Server tab
2. login using valid userid and password
3. After login is successful, the setup will show the status of mysql and apache services that you have just installed with Wampsever 2.0c. Those two services should be in ‘Running’ mode.
4. Click Next button.
5. Time to create database in the local mysql server. Please click on Test Connection button. If the connection parameters are correct, the test would be successful and Generate Button will be enabled.
6. Click on Generate button to start creating database. Setup will run through sql script to create database for you.
7. Once done click on Next Button.
8. List of venues that you are administrator of will be displayed. If there is no list please create one with clicking New Venue button. Fill up the venue information and click on Ok to save it.
9. Select a venue that you want the signage to be setup to.
10. This screen will let you set few parameters such as root directory of apache web server. Please leave them as they are except for the apache conf directory. If the background is red you need to browse to the location of apache conf directory. If the background is green then the probably the setting is correct.
11. Please enter the screen position of your signage. Some computer have extended screen so you can set the left position to a visible screen position.
12. Click on next button. On this screen you should need to install three more services:
a. QueueSvr
b. SoftnetQueueSvr
c. SoftnetSyncSvr
13. Right click on those services and select Install Service.
14. Then right click on services and select Start Service.
15. Now please stop Apache and Restart the Service.
16. By now all 5 services should be running.
17. Ignore the tv tuner setup for now.
18. Click on Next Button. and click on Done button.
19. Finally run Softnet Signage Start App to run the signage application
20. Copy this short cut to the windows Startup folder. In windows 10 you need to Run Shell:Startup from run command window.


Managing Signage content

Web Portal
1. Log into this web portal
2. Click on the red location icon at the top menu
3. Select the venue that you want to manage
4. To change signage parameter click on Signage blue button.
5. To add new event, banner, or permanent click on new.

Mobile app
1. Download actif app from Apple Store which already available there.
2. Go to bookmarks tab. Select the venue that you want to manage. Then select admin to set various parameters.